FL-TRAINER is an electric and diesel forklift simulator, triple mast with free lift.

Its design is meant for training personnel that needs to learn to drive a forklift with ease and precision.

The user interacts with the simulation using a chassis that replicates the actual control of a forklift and the action is displayed simultaneously on 2 screens, one for the front view and the other one for a rear view.



Hardware features

 Cockpit with seat, levers, pedals and steering wheel controls that replicate a real electric or diesel forklift.



Computer running the entire simulation which at real-time generates the images you see. It is integrated into the structure of the cabin under the seat.

The user also manages the point of view of the interactive simulation by the very movement of his head due to the tracking system of position and orientation integrated in the simulator.



Software features

FL-Trainer contains 15 different exercises grouped into 3 modules:

  • Knowledge of controls.
  • Circulation practices.
  • Load management practices.

Each exercise has a screen of previous explanation so that the student does not need the intervention of anyone else to drive the simulator independently.

Interactive Replay System:

All the execution of each exercise is recorded in the system for later replay. But this repetition is not a video but a real-time interactive repetition in which the user can view it from any point of view he wants, rewind forward or backward, pause, etc as many times as he desires.


Similarly, each user can store his own history of independent perfomances simply inserting a USB memory to the simulator.

Reporting and monitoring:

At the end of every exercise, the simulator generates a trace of the execution with a report on the results of the actions taken by the user through each exercise.

In the same way as repetitions, these reports can be stored individually for each user by using an external USB memory.

Possibility of connecting multiple units in a network to an Instructor Position that allows to manage a user database y automatically receive the reports of the students performances.

Technological and visual quality of the simulation:

FL-Trainer uses the latest version of the real-time graphics technology owned by Apolo Studios offering some ultra-realistic graphics, and incomparable technical quality.

The simulation of all physical behavior of both the forklift and the elements of the environment is totally realistic.

The dual-screen simultaneous execution for front and rear views offers a perfect timing and without any loss of efficiency or fluency in the simulation.

The Interactive Replay System is exclusive technology of Apolo Studios products.

All the design and implementation of the software has been internally done by Apolo Studios staff, without any dependence on third parties which might limit the potential for expansion or future evolution of the product.


Simulator key points

  • Totally realistic training, free of any risk to the user.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Learning mechanisms and review of errors through the Interactive Replay System, not possible in real life.
  • Opportunity to practice a variety of situations and scenarios impossible to replicate in real situations.
  • Great appeal to new students.
  • Possibility of unlimited expandability.



Apolo Studios offers full support to all clients for any single product sold under the Apolo Studios brand and also life-time warranty software wise.