Apolo Studios proprietary rendering technology is the result of many years of researching and programming. 100% of the CPU and GPU code has been developed internally and there is not any dependency with any other third party software, what yields a huge advantage and flexibility.

The latest iteration of the technology has been refactored and built from scratch to achieve even more performance from the host machine and also a better visual quality. By using our technology, artists are able to control every single detail of the target scene and create very rich visual content forgetting about many of the main limitations usually present in real time rendering.

Thanks to its internal architecture, every single CPU hardware processor available in the host machine and the GPU are pushed to its limits while keeping a clean and simple framework layout that makes the programming of the desired application that uses the technology really simple and straightforward.


Main Features

  • Jobs based internals architecture design.
  • Multithread rendering.
  • Active use of every single hardware processor available on the host machine.
  • Deferred rendering pipeline.
  • Unlimited number of shadow casters light sources per scene and per object.
  • Support for infinite lights, local spot lights and local omni lights with or without shadows and/or texture projection.
  • Real time dynamic reflections and refractions.
  • Soft particles GPU accelerated.
  • Alternate forward rendering pipeline.
  • Tons of data driven different materials for artists full control over the scene.
  • Post processing pipeline, including HDR lighting, per pixel based motion blur, bidirectional DOF, vignette, MLAA, SSAO, god rays among other features.
  • Integrated streaming system for asynchronous assets handling.
  • 100% data driven design.
  • Easy integration with existing single threaded applications.
  • Ready for input touch interface.



The main advantage is pretty obvious just taking a look to the screenshots and videos. The visual quality and performance achieved simply outperforms any other rendering technology from any other competitor in the simulation world. This makes possible to create products and solutions for the vocational world that could hardly be implemented in a realistic and useful way without this level of visual quality and possibilities.

It is possible to integrate and use the technology in many different applications for many different purposes. If 3D real time rendering is required for your new application or if you want to take your existing products to a new level, Apolo Studios technology is a winner.


Physics System

Apolo Studios framework integrates the physics library PhysX from NVIDIA, what coupled with the rendering tech, makes an incredibly powerful system to simulate real time physics in photorealistic scenes. Please check out the videos section to take a look to some live action.



Please stay tuned to our website for future updates and products using our technology.